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The Heat Pump System: An Energy-Efficient Alternative

When you think of heating, you think of a furnace or a boiler right away. When you think of cooling, you think AC. There is however, one HVAC unit that can do both. A heat pump is an energy-efficient alternative that takes away the need for separate heating and cooling systems.

The Heat Pump System: An Energy-Efficient Alternative

WM Buffington Company, Inc., your local provider of insulation installation services and other HVAC related repairs and maintenance, discusses what it is and how it works.

How a Heat Pump System Works

A heat pump is not like any other HVAC unit. It does not generate hot or cold air. Instead, it uses electricity to move heat from one place to another. During the cold season, it brings heat from outdoors to warm the interior. During the hot season, it does the reverse.

Various Types of Heat Pumps

Heat pump systems come in various types. The most common is the air source type. Its mechanism is simple—it transfers heat between the home and the air outside. It can reduce electricity use by about 50% compared to other heating appliances like furnaces and boilers. It can even dehumidify the air better than AC units, resulting in less energy usage and more cooling comfort during months of hot weather.

The geothermal heat pump, meanwhile, follows the same mechanism as the air source type. The heat is transferred between the structure and the ground. It may be costly to install it given the need to bury pipes below the soil, yet it provides low operating costs due to the use of geothermal heat. It’s proven to reduce energy usage by 30–60%.

An absorption heat pump works the same way as the other systems mentioned, but does not use electricity to power the device. It can operate using any of the following: natural gas, solar power, propane, or geothermal-heated water.

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