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Signs You May Need to Replace Your Home Water Heater

If you think that your water heater at home needs replacing, get in touch with reliable HVAC contractors who can help you do so as soon as possible. If you’re unsure how to tell if it's time for a heater replacement, here are a few signs of water heater failure you can look for, according to WM Buffington Company.

Water Discoloration

Discolored water may mean that your heater is starting to rust. Try getting your system cleaned or flushed to see if this makes a difference. If you continue to notice discoloration after that, however, start looking at new heater options.

Persistent Noise

If you hear loud noises coming from your water heater, you might have an issue with sedimentation. Sediment build-up can cause your heater to work less efficiently, and can eventually cause leaks as well. Persistent noises should be taken as a sign that your home might need a new heater soon.

Irreparable Leaking

Whether from cracks, damaged valves or loose fittings, water heater leaks should always be dealt with right away. When you ignore leaks, you're not just wasting water; your heater will end up using more energy than necessary too. Get in touch with a team like that of WM Buffington Company and find out if a new heating system installation is the best option for your home.

Years of Use

If you have a water heater that's over a decade old, it may be time to start considering possible replacements. You don’t have to wait for your heater to break down before looking at newer and--more importantly--more energy-efficient models that can help you maintain a greener home.

Let plumbing and HVAC installation services professionals from WM Buffington Company assist you in maintaining or replacing your water heater at home. Our team is fully trained in determining the most efficient and cost-effective ways to meet your needs. You can schedule an appointment with us by calling (717) 609-4020. We serve homeowners throughout several areas, including Middletown, Palmyra, and Harrisburg, PA.

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