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How Furnace Preparation Can Ensure a Comfortable Home Throughout the Winter

Having a properly-functioning furnace can help ensure that you’ll have a warm, comfortable home all winter long. Every homeowner knows it would be very frustrating if your furnace were to break down when you need it the most. Heating, cooling and insulation installation services expert WM Buffington Company suggests doing the following if you want a furnace that's winter-ready.

Inspection and Cleaning

Have your furnace thoroughly inspected before winter arrives. Early inspections help determine if repairs are required so they can be attended to as soon as possible. Check if your filters need cleaned or changed, too, and make sure that you install the right size to prevent a malfunction.

Furnace Upgrades

If you have an older furnace or one that jhas needed constant repairs throughout the years, consider getting an upgrade. Seek advice from trusted furnace and heat pump systems professionals like WM Buffington Company in figuring out which type and size of furnace will work the best for your home. If you’re trying to run a more energy-efficient household, installing a new furnace will help you meet that goal.

Home Maintenance

Maintaining a clean home and keeping the area around your vents and registers clear can also help your furnace work better. Keep in mind that HVAC units tend to last longer when they aren't forced to work harder due to dirt build-up or obstructions. You should also make sure that your windows and doors are structurally sound and that your roof is properly ventilated, as these factors affect how well-insulated your home will be.

Enjoy a comfortable home with the help of a winter-ready furnace and your heating, cooling and plumbing services expert, WM Buffington Company. Since our founding in 1952, we've made it a part of our mission to ensure every customer’s comfort, no matter the time of the year. Call us at (717) 609-4020 to find out how we can best assist you. We serve homeowners in Harrisburg, PA, and surrounding areas.

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