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Why Hire a Plumber to Install Your Bathroom Sink

Installing a bathroom sink involves a series of steps that require a good understanding of plumbing systems. The process includes removing the old sink, if present, fitting the new one in place, and connecting the drain and supply lines. It may also involve cutting into the wall or modifying cabinetry to fit the sink. While these tasks may sound simple, they require a fair amount of technique and could cause significant damage if done incorrectly. Read on for more information on why you should hire a plumber to install your bathroom sink instead of trying it on your own.  

DIY vs. Plumbing Services 

Whether or not you should hire a plumber to install your bathroom sink depends largely on your level of comfort and experience with home improvement projects. If you're handy and confident with DIY projects, and have the necessary tools and equipment, you may choose to install the sink by yourself. However, it's important to understand that any errors could end up costing you more in the long run. 

On the other hand, hiring a professional plumber eliminates the risk of any major installation mistakes. While it may initially be more expensive, a plumber would be able to install the bathroom sink efficiently and effectively, ensuring that it functions properly for years to come. Additionally, a professional plumber can also address any unexpected issues that may arise, like leaks or pipe damage. 

Experience and Tools Required 

To even begin installing a new bathroom sink, there is a lot you’ll need to know: what tools to 

use, what can and should be done with the existing piping and surrounding area, what the local codes are for plumbing work, and much more. You may be able to learn certain parts of the installation process online through articles or even YouTube videos, but all bathrooms (and their plumbing) are unique in their size, shape, space, condition, and requirements. There may not be online help specific enough for the needs of your project and, aside from this, plumbing can be a physically strenuous task and take a great deal of time. 

Having previous experience in plumbing, therefore, is extremely helpful. You’ll also need all the right tools and materials and, of course, the time to complete the project itself. Hiring a professional erases all of these hurdles while simultaneously giving you peace of mind that everything will be completed to the highest standards. 

Potential DIY Problems 

By installing a bathroom sink on your own, you run the risk of facing anything that can go wrong and facing it alone. Unforeseen accidents will be costly, increasing expenses far higher than they would have been had you hired a professional.

Issues that you might encounter during DIY work include failure to: 

  • Use the right tools
  • Spot potential problems
  • Connect the pipes properly
  • Seal the joints
  • Choose the right materials and fixtures
  • Install the fixture without any scratches or damage

You’ll also likely run into problems due to inexperience in dealing with complex, context-specific situations for your house’s plumbing. What if the pipes you purchased can’t fit the space, the drain doesn’t line up, the connections won't connect, water starts dripping again, you don’t know how to install the overflow valve, or the faucet and piping is too corroded and rusted for you to remove safely? 

DIY problems are a hassle to deal with and will cost you more time and money in the end. Instead of worrying about all that could go wrong, hire the best plumbing companies, like WM Buffington, to take care of your sink installation. 

Additional Benefits of Hiring a Plumber 

Enlisting the help of an experienced plumber is very beneficial for the dynamic way in which they can help with your project. Beyond just installing a new bathroom sink, a plumber can help with other plumbing-related things such as: 

  • Install new pipes and drain lines
  • Move or remove existing plumbing and drain lines
  • Add fixtures in addition to the sink 
  • Professional advice 
  • Sourcing fixtures and materials 

Contact the WM Buffington for Your Sink Installation

Hiring a plumber to install your bathroom sink is a worthwhile investment for the professional quality you can expect in the finished product as well as for the time, money, and stress you’ll save from attempting to do it yourself.

If you’re planning to install a new bathroom sink and are looking for local plumbing companies in the Harrisburg area, contact WM Buffington! 

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