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Gas Furnaces: How Do They Work?

Furnaces remain the top heating system homeowners use to meet their heating needs, with nearly half of households across the country relying on them. Such popularity means the possibility of finding HVAC contractors in your local area that provide installation, repair and maintenance services for furnaces is high.

In today’s post, WM Buffington Company Inc., your local HVAC company, explains how these systems work, taking a look at the mechanisms behind their operation.

It All Starts With the Thermostat

The operation of a gas furnace starts with the thermostat, the device which you use to regulate your home's indoor temperatures. Often programmed to a set number, it works by sending a low-voltage electrical signal to the furnace. Once the signal is relayed to the system itself, a valve opens, which then triggers natural gas to be sent to the burners.

The Pilot Light Is Key

The pilot light serves as the igniter that lights the burner inside the combustion chamber. With this mechanism, heat is created at the heat exchanger, or the metal chamber around which the moving air flows. If for some reason there’s a problem in the system, it’s best to consult with certified HVAC technicians who may suggest a new heating system installation.

The warmed air then gets pushed out by the blowers through the plenum, after which it moves along the ducts until it gets distributed to the different areas of the home. Exhaust vents that reach the roof must be included in the system, as they will help release combustion gases created by the burning fuel.

Understanding how a gas furnace works can help you recognize the source of possible issues if a problem were to arise. If it suddenly stops releasing warm air or you begin hearing strange noises coming from it, don't delay: turn to WM Buffington Company for your HVAC needs.

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