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What to Do When You Have Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is frustrating to homeowners everywhere. But as exasperating as it may be, it also serves as a major clue in identifying serious plumbing issues. WM Buffington Company, expert HVAC installation services provider, discusses what you can do about it.

Check Your Water Meter, Valve or Regulator

Check to make sure that your water meter is working and the main shut-off valve is fully opened. Do this especially after contractors have been at your home, as they sometimes shut the valve off when they do routine maintenance. Don’t forget to check your regulator as well, as poorly functioning regulators can also cause your home’s water pressure levels to drop.

Check Your Water Pressure

Using a water pressure test gauge that can be bought from a local home improvement store, check your water pressure to see if it’s under standard PSI levels. Plumbing and HVAC contractors say that a reading less than 60 PSI means the pressure is very low. Readings above 80 PSI, on the other hand, indicate very strong water pressure.

Check Your Faucets and Shower Heads

If your pressure reading falls between 60 to 75 PSI but you still suffer from low water pressure, you'll need to check your faucets and shower heads for mineral buildup. This can impede the flow of water and prevent it from running freely.

Check for Leaks

If your faucets and shower heads are relatively new or don’t have any mineral buildup on them, try looking for leaks by monitoring your water meter. Turn off all faucets and shower heads, then record the number indicated on your water meter.

After a while, go back to see if the water meter gives you a different number. If it does, it’s very likely that you have a leak somewhere which is causing your water pressure to weaken. Check the toilet tank (especially the flapper valve inside) and under the bathroom and kitchen sinks for signs of leaks.

Check Old, Clogged Pipes

If after doing all of the above you can’t figure out the reason as to why the water pressure inside your home is low, then maybe it’s time to consider another option. if your pipes are already old and/or clogged with buildup and residue, it would probably be best to replace them with new pipes.

If this is the case, call the professionals at WM Buffington Company for help. Our team of trained and experienced plumbers can help you with any plumbing issues you have at home, as well as provide new heating system installation services. Call us at (717) 609-4020 to get started. We serve clients in Harrisburg, PA.

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