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Your Guide to Maintaining Your HVAC System for September

Your HVAC system is an important part of your home, and keeping up with proper maintenance is of great benefit to it. In fact, experts recommend having your HVAC system inspected and maintained every month. Should you decide to follow their advice, remember that there are different ways to maintain your HVAC, depending on the month.

In this post, HVAC installation services provider WM Buffington Co. gives you a step-by-step guide for maintaining your HVAC system in the month of September.

Step #1: Air Filters

The first step is always to check your air filters. Since your cooling system just faced a period of heavy use, the filter should be inspected to make sure it isn’t full of contaminants. If the filter's been used for three months, you may have to replace it, so be sure to have a replacement filter on hand just in case.

Step #2: Registers and Return Air Grilles

The next step is to inspect all registers and return air grilles in your home to make sure they aren’t blocked or shut. It's important to ensure that they're never blocked, as once this happens, airflow through your HVAC system will be restricted. This can result in performance issues and overheating. Move all carpets, rugs and furniture away from the vents as well. If you have unused areas, work with a contractor to create a zoning system that allows you to reduce energy use.

Step #3: Exterior Cooling Equipment

Once you’ve completed the previous steps, check on your exterior cooling equipment. Remove any grass clippings and debris that have gathered on it, then trim away any vegetation around it to prevent issues in the future.

Step #4: Drip Pan and Condensate Drain Lines

After you’ve examined your exterior cooling equipment, it’s time to inspect the drip pan and condensate drain lines of your system. This is because once they become clogged with mold or algae growth, the condensation that results from the cooling process can’t leave your home. This could cause the system to malfunction, leading to water damage. As this is a somewhat delicate task, it's a job best left for HVAC contractors to handle.

Step #5: Heating System

Now that you’ve taken care of your cooling system, it’s time to think about your heating system, as winter is fast approaching. Have a contractor tune up your furnace, heat pumps, boilers and other heating equipment to improve performance and ensure that they'll operate correctly and efficiently over the winter.

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