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How Heat Pump Systems Work

One of the greatest benefits of heat pump systems is that they don't require a separate heating source, which saves on space and installation costs. WM Buffington Company gives you a closer look at how it works, and why you should consider it if you’re in the market for a new HVAC system.

How Heat Pump Systems Work

How Air Conditioners Work

To understand how heat pumps work, we’ll first take a look at how air conditioning systems work in general. A typical HVAC system has two distinct components: a condenser unit, and an evaporator unit. The latter houses the compressor unit, which compresses the refrigerant until it condenses into a fluid. At this stage the hot refrigerant is released under pressure.

The heat is dissipated through the condenser coils, with the pressure accelerating the process until the refrigerant becomes cold. The cold refrigerant is then moved into the evaporator coils, where warm room air is vented through, resulting in cool air. The now-warm refrigerant is then moved into the condenser unit, closing the compression cycle.

How Heat Pumps Work

Traditional heaters are installed separately, and sometimes require plumbing services if they contain a water heater. Heat pumps are different because they can be in the same system as the air conditioner. The difference is in the compressor unit: air conditioners have a unidirectional compression cycle, heat pumps have reversible compressors. By reversing the process, the heat generated during the refrigerant's decompression is pushed into the ductwork or the evaporator unit instead of being vented out.

Heat pumps have several advantages over other heaters, in that they eliminate the need for a basement furnace to provide heat. It allows homeowners to make better use of their basement space. These same homeowners can simply switch to energy-efficient tank-less water heaters if they use the same furnace for their water heater. It also makes the transition from cooling to heating season – and back – as simple as the flick of a switch.

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