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Home Ventilation: What You Should Be Concerned About as a Homeowner

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, ventilation is the “exchange of indoor and outdoor air.” Homeowners should be greatly concerned about the efficiency of this exchange in their homes.

Improper ventilation can lead to a myriad of health problems and other issues, as it has the potential to smother residents with harmful pollutants such as carbon monoxide, as well as create a moisture-rich environment that can lead to mold and mildew. Keep reading for what you should be considering when it comes to your home’s healthy ventilation!

Ventilation Options

Your home’s ventilation system is a lot like a set of lungs. It should move freely, have unrestricted inward and outward flow, and needs to be free of anything that might block proper movement.

Homeowners should be concerned about ensuring their ventilation method is a best-fit and is running properly. The three most-popular and efficient ventilation options are:

  • Uncontrolled ventilation: Uncontrolled, technology-free movement of indoor and outdoor air by way of windows, doors, and cracks, etc. This isn’t much of a method at all, though some older homes still rely on it.
  • Spot ventilation: Utilizes exhaust fans to remove pollutants and moisture from a specific space (stove range hoods, bathroom exhaust fans, etc). This method can be used alongside natural ventilation as a more effective means of localized redistribution of air.
  • Whole-house ventilation: This system is more uniformed and structured in nature, utilizing exhaust ventilation, duct systems, fans, and ideally include exhaust and fresh air circulation.

Avoid Moisture Problems

Without a proper ventilation system, homeowners should be concerned about moisture accumulation. Humidity (moisture found in the air) can quickly manifest as harmful mold or mildew growth. Additionally, unchecked moisture can be detrimental to furniture, flooring, and other elements of the home.

To best avoid moisture accumulation, here are three tips from the U.S. Department of Energy:

  • Stop air leaks: Often, home moisture is correlated to uncontrolled airflow, where moist air comes into contact with cold surfaces and results in condensation. Ensure all holes, gaps, and airflow leaks in your home’s fixtures are sealed. Check windows, attics, basements, etc.
  • Control water: One of the most effective ways to ensure unwanted water isn’t leaking into the home is to inspect your roof. If your roof is not equipped to keep moisture out, it will find its way in.
  • Ventilate indoor moisture: Whether or not you realize it, your family creates and accumulates moisture in your home simply by living in it. Cooking, showering, and doing the laundry are all culprits of adding water to the air. Ensure kitchen and bathroom vents lead directly outside, and implement a ventilation system in the attic if necessary.

Carbon Monoxide and Other Pollutants

It has been suggested that if not mitigated properly, the air we breathe inside our homes could be more dangerous and harmful to human health than the pollution found in major cities. Let’s think about the toxins that could be making their home in the very air you breathe: nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, formaldehyde, radon, sulfur dioxide, asbestos, and many that fly under the radar in the form of basic household chemicals (hairspray, paint, pesticides, polishes, cleaning agents, etc).

Unfortunately, many of these pollutants are nearly unavoidable. This is why homeowners should be greatly concerned about implementing a quality, efficient air ventilation system in their homes. The negative health effects from toxic fumes will last far longer than the annoyance you may feel at the sound of the exhaust fan.

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