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Home Heating Systems: Electric vs. Gas

If you have the chance to perform a new heating system installation, either by way of replacement or remodeling, take the opportunity to install a new electric or gas heating system. But what's the difference between the two? WM Buffington Company, Inc., shares an overview with you of how these two systems work.

Home Heating Systems: Electric vs. Gas

Electric Heating Systems

Electric heating systems convert electricity to heat using resistance heating coils, much like flat irons and toasters. One of the main advantages of electric heating is that it doesn’t require vents, which lets you install it virtually anywhere. Wood- or oil-based heating systems, on the other hand, require venting to distribute heat, and emissions such as carbon monoxide are expelled at the same time. This flexibility means installation costs are significantly lower than fuel-based systems, and can be completed in short order.

If your home doesn’t have existing HVAC vents, electric heating systems are ideal, since not all contractors who provide HVAC installation services offer vent installation. Electric heating systems allow room-by-room spot heating, and can also work as a central heating system if the home is relatively small. It should be noted that electric heating systems are more expensive in terms of operational costs, so energy efficient features are an important factor when choosing your electric heating system.

Gas Heating Systems

Gas heating systems generate heat by burning natural gas, much like a kitchen stove. There are two types of gas heating systems: flued and non-flued. Flued heaters are also known as vented heaters. Because gas heaters emit unwanted gases that could be dangerous if they were to accumulate indoors, there are limitations as to where a gas heating unit can be installed. It has to be placed where it can be connected to both a flue and your existing gas line.

Non-flued (unvented) heaters can be portable or permanently installed. There are certain requirements if you prefer non-flued heaters: they have to have a fuel source, and the room has to have adequate ventilation. Gas heaters have lower operational costs, and are perfect if you have a limited monthly budget for space heating.

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