March 21, 2022
New Homeowners Guide to HVAC and Plumbing Maintenance 

As a new homeowner, you can look forward to a plethora of responsibilities above and beyond your mortgage payment. If you want to avoid unforeseen future expenses, it is smart to undertake seasonal maintenance of the systems that keep your home running efficiently and safely. HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) and plumbing are two […]

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December 1, 2021
Your Guide to Picking Out a New Kitchen Sink Faucet

Styling your kitchen is an exciting yet oftentimes daunting task. From picking out backsplash to deciding where to store your pots and pans, there’s a laundry list of decisions to make. One important, pivotal item on the agenda is picking out a faucet. A lot of people choose a faucet based on looks alone. That’s […]

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November 23, 2020
An Easy Guide to Installing a Refrigerator DIY

Is it time to replace that old refrigerator in your kitchen? If your answer was “Uh yes, it’s actually past due for replacement” then you’re probably wondering what that process looks like. Well, luckily for you, replacing your refrigerator is a fairly manageable process you can most likely complete on your own!  If You Need […]

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October 19, 2020
How to Prevent Your Kitchen Sink Disposal from Breaking (With Troubleshooting Tips)

The garbage disposal is an integral part of any kitchen. As such, they tend to take on a lot of intense use. It’s easy to forget that they can break down until that fateful day finally arrives. A well-maintained garbage disposal should last up to 15 years before the blades dull or the motor breaks […]

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November 29, 2019
Choosing the Right Size Furnace for Your Home

Choosing a new furnace involves much more than just deciding which color and model might look nice in your home, and simply assuming that bigger is better won't cut it either. Here are some things HVAC installation services professionals like WM Buffington Company consider when determining which furnace size or BTU rating is most appropriate […]

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July 13, 2018
Home Improvement Projects for the Summer

Summer is the best time for you to consider a home improvement project. While the heat is out, your contractors aren’t as busy, and it’s the best way to prep for the colder months. Need help in finding the best summertime changes for your home? WM Buffington Company, your plumbing services and home remodel expert, […]

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