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How a Heat Recovery Ventilation System Works

It’s very important to keep warm air indoors on cold days, especially during winter. By keeping warm air inside the home and preventing it from leaking out, homeowners are able to stay more comfortable in their homes. In addition, heating costs stay lower than they otherwise would be if there was a leak or cold outdoor air was able to find a way inside the house.

One major problem with keeping warm air inside, however, is how quickly it becomes stale. Ventilation is key to having enough fresh air to replace the stale air inside the house. Fresh air also helps prevent mold growth and the accumulation of harmful gases from affecting one’s health.

Ventilation on cold winter days, however, causes heating bills to rise as fresh, cold air comes in to replace the warm air inside the house. Thankfully, heat recovery ventilators exist to let fresh air into the home while still keeping warm air inside.

How It Works

After ductless air conditioning installation, heat recovery ventilation systems (HRVs) make use of two fans -- one for cool, fresh air and the other for warm air. One of these fans pulls fresh air from outside, then passes it through a heat exchange core where it gets heated up. It's then sent by the same fan into the home. The other fan pulls out warm, stale indoor air, then passes it through the exchange core used to heat up the fresh air and releases it outside.

The heat exchange core works the same way as a car’s radiator, transferring the heat from the car engine’s coolant and sending it outside the car. The heat exchange core does this using a series of narrow passages where warm air transfers its heat to cooler air.

Certain HRV models that make up an energy-efficient cooling system are able to recover up to 85 percent of the heat from the outgoing warm air, helping to lower heating costs.

HRVs, despite being used to allow fresh outdoor air inside while also keeping warm air in during winter, can also cool a household well during the summer months. They can pull warmer outdoor air in and then cool it down as it passes through the heat exchange core.

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