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Choosing Between Mini-Split and Central Air Conditioners

Are you looking for an energy efficient cooling system to make your home more comfortable? You can choose between a mini-split unit or a central unit. Both are known for being energy efficient but they have a different set of advantages and disadvantages that may work for or against your air conditioning needs. Knowing which pros and cons will suit you better is key to get the right option.

Choosing Between Mini-Split and Central Air Conditioners

Area Covered

The first thing to consider is how much of your home has to be cooled. Are you fine with only having bedrooms air-conditioned? Then a mini-split AC should be good enough for the job. On the other hand, if you want air conditioning for every part of your home, a central AC is a better investment.


Mini-split air conditioners do not require the installation of air ducts, which means they take less time to set up. Ductless air conditioning installation can also be done almost anywhere in the home. That said, check the right size and horsepower needed to match the needs of a single room. Central air conditioning has a more straightforward approach because you only need to install one big unit for the entire home. However, installing the system and necessary ducts to distribute air to all parts of the home takes more time.


Many people are fine with being able to see the indoor component of a mini-split air conditioner, although some do not appreciate the fact that it takes up extra wall space. On the other hand, a central AC unit is virtually invisible, except for a few discreet air ducts in the walls or the ceiling.

Long-Term Value

Both types of units have a lot of long-term value, but the better one depends on different circumstances. For example, you can take your mini-split AC with you if you move to another home so you can keep using it, whereas a central AC is pretty much permanently fixed to the house. On the other hand, a central AC greatly increases the value of a home. Home air conditioning repair is easier on a mini-split system because it’s easier to access, but a centralized unit will usually suffice with annual maintenance.

If you want more advice on choosing the right HVAC equipment, we’ll be more than happy to help. WM Buffington Company provides both mini-split and central HVAC solutions to customers in Middletown, PA. Feel free to call us at (717) 609-4020 or fill out this contact form to request a free quote.

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