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10 Strategies to Make Your AC Work Better

With temperatures on the rise throughout Pennsylvania, we get asked all the time about ways to make air conditioners work better. Whether it’s through improved output or increased efficiency, making your home or commercial AC unit work better will ensure that you, your family, or your employees feel more comfortable when summer reaches its peak. Furthermore, an AC that is working as it should will reduce your energy consumption which is beneficial for your wallet and the environment. 

Getting your AC to work better in order to achieve that perfect temperature and efficiency can be a little tricky, but fortunately, there’s a plethora of solutions available to you. WM Buffington has nearly 75 years of experience helping folks throughout Central Pennsylvania, and with our know-how from our air conditioner maintenance service, here are 10 strategies you can use to make your AC work better right away.  

1. Schedule Regular AC Maintenance

The single best way to keep your AC running optimally is by scheduling regular air conditioner maintenance. This will ensure your AC system is running smoothly and minimizes the chance of costly breakdowns. In fact, much of the following strategies in this article can be covered by simply accomplishing this first one, entrusting your AC performance into the hands of well-trained experts. 

2. Maintain and Clean the AC Filter

Air conditioner filters get filled with dust, pollen, debris, and other airborne particles quickly when in constant use, so cleaning them regularly and changing them out with new ones is definitely recommended. On one hand, the efficiency of your air conditioner will decrease and it will have to work harder for the same performance when a filter becomes clogged. Less efficiency will always equate to higher stress on the AC components and higher energy bills. On the other hand, clogged air filters can also be a fire risk. 

3. Invest in a Smart and Programmable Thermostat

Smart thermostats can result in significant cost savings, increased convenience, and an even more comfortable environment. Smart, programmable thermostats allow you to create personalized heating/cooling according to your daily routine. Once you have set your schedules, the smart thermostat will automatically implement your settings, helping your AC run efficiently. It can also manage different rooms independently so that the rooms that are most frequently used can get cooled as needed whereas lesser-used rooms won’t demand as much energy consumption. 

Smart thermostats can also detect whether you are at your property or not and automatically adjust your settings. When you leave, the thermostat will quickly adapt and reduce AC usage to help you save money on your energy bills. When you return, the thermostat will adjust your settings to ensure your indoor space is comfortable again. This works effectively for both domestic and commercial settings.

Smart thermostats can be integrated with other smart home devices, such as voice assistants and home automation systems. This allows for even greater control and automation of your indoor climate, further optimizing energy usage and increasing convenience.

4. Clean the Condenser and Drain System

The outdoor condenser unit and the drainage system are different parts of the AC unit, but they can both become clogged which leads to increased strain and inefficiency. If either one of these is neglected, it can lead to reduced performance and costly repairs; and if the AC drain, specifically, is not maintained, the humidity will increase and the air quality suffer as a result. 

5. Manage Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight in your home or commercial building will significantly increase the temperature inside, forcing your AC unit to work much harder. An often overlooked strategy is to ensure that the amount of direct sunlight is limited by either investing in curtains and blinds or even planting trees outside the building to create natural shade. 

6. Insulate Your Property

Insulation creates a barrier between the indoor and outdoor environment, which helps reduce the amount of heat that enters or leaves the room. This can be achieved by insulating walls, ceilings, floors, and doors with materials such as fiberglass or foam.

When a room is insulated, the cool air produced by your AC unit will be maintained for longer, which in turn leads to lower demand on the unit itself and higher efficiency. 

7. Keep AC Vents Clear

AC vents distribute airflow into the property, but they can become clogged and blocked up with normal usage. In order to maximize airflow and AC efficiency, be sure to keep your indoor vents free from dust and debris. You can do this by inspecting all vents and cleaning them with a vacuum or compressed air to release debris from the vent. 

8. Seal the Ductwork 

Related to your AC vents is the ductwork which facilitates the movement of cool air from your AC unit to the vents. Leaky ducts can cause certain areas of your property to be cooler or warmer than others, leading to hot spots and cold spots, which can be uncomfortable. Insulating your ductwork can improve the overall comfort of your home by maintaining consistent temperatures throughout the building, and insulating and repairing ductwork will ensure there is no loss of AC efficiency. 

9. Keep Away Heat-Producing Appliances

It’s important to keep heat-producing appliances away from the AC unit and the thermostat. This added heat will force the AC unit to work harder and it will add strain to the system. Furthermore, if heat-producing appliances are located by the thermostat, it could lead to incorrect temperature readings which will also make the AC unit work harder than it should. 

10. Select the Right AC Size

Selecting an AC unit is key to good performance. If your AC is too large for your property, it will only run for a short period of time before turning off. Unfortunately, this means your unit will not properly remove moisture from the air, which can affect your indoor climate and indoor air quality. If, on the other hand, your AC is too small, it will end up running for longer periods which will be a bigger drain on energy consumption and energy costs. 

Schedule Your Air Conditioner Service Today

Don’t forget that all of these strategies to make your AC work better can be achieved by investing in an air conditioner maintenance service. It’s important to stick on top of AC maintenance in order to ensure that your home or commercial property has the best possible air quality while saving energy and money through the long summer months. Trust the experts who have served Central Pennsylvania since 1952 - contact WM Buffington today! 

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